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ARCA Rehabilitation Detox Centres

The ARCA treatment model came about when a gap was noticed in the approach to addiction treatment methods in South Africa. Low treatment outcomes and high relapse rates indicated a need for the approach to addiction treatment to be changed. Addiction is classed as a medical disease and it is only through a combined medical and psycho-social approach that there have been significant increases in positive treatment outcomes.

ARCA offers a full medical detoxification to remove the drug and other unwanted toxins from the body. This detox minimizes cravings and withdrawals that are often a barrier to many when seeking treatment. The latest medications are then administered to minimize withdrawal symptoms and control cravings in the long term. This medical approach, combined with expert counseling and cognitive behavior therapy, is by far the most effective treatment approach for alcoholism and drug dependence available in South Africa.

ARCA has helped hundreds of people get on the road to recovery and stay there by going beyond the 12-step programs that are available. We understand what you are going through. After you finish the initial detoxification, you will start the psycho-social program where our trained social workers and psychologists will counsel you to identify trigger factors, discuss coping strategies and work on planning for your substance free future.

We realize that to achieve success, we would have to start from the bottom and work our way up. We began by viewing addiction as a medical disease. And to treat a medical disease, you would have to go to a doctor. Our doctors begin by performing a medical detoxification which cleanses your body of all alcohol and drugs. This removes the traditional 7 to 10 day natural withdrawal, which is a major concern for most patients, as they fear the mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal.

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